Best Windows 10 Apps

20 Best Windows 10 Apps to Use

20 Best Windows 10 Apps:

Even though For Windows 10 devices, the Microsoft Store isn’t pretty much as populated as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, it includes a respectable choice of applications that you can use for various things. You can discover everything going from basic personalization applications to programs that will help support your productivity; however, in my experience, discovering these applications could end up being a task as Microsoft Store’s pursuit and revelation isn’t too extraordinary. Along these lines, in case you are keeping watch for some extraordinary applications for your PC or PC, here are the 20 best Windows 10 apps (applications) you should use in 2021 to make the most out of your gadget. 

Best Windows 10 Apps (Applications) You Should Use in  2021 

Here, we have listed the very best applications for Windows 10, so you can undoubtedly pick an application for your needs. 

Note that a portion of these applications may get out of hand if you have not activated Windows. I propose that you utilize our instructional tutorial to get yourself a Windows 10 activation key for free or cheap and initiate Windows on your device.  

#1. VLC:

Did you realize that the mainstream VLC media player is likewise accessible as a Windows 10 UWP application? Indeed, it is, and it looks a ton better than the desktop version – that is one motivation behind why you ought to get it quickly. The application highlights a wide range of video designs, including mp4, Mkv, Avi, and significantly more.


What’s more, the application likewise incorporates many extra features, including the capacity to add captions, sync sound and video, and utilize any video as a live backdrop. VLC is extraordinary compared to other media players you can get for your Windows 10 gadget, and you should don’t hesitate to download it without reevaluating.

Download VLC (Free) 

Download VLC from Microsoft Store (Free —UWP) 

#2. Spotify Music:

Spotify is additionally accessible on the Windows Store, which means you don’t need to download the desktop form to appreciate tuning in to some incredible music.

Spotify Music

The application incorporates all the highlights you’d find on the Spotify application on some other stage, making it an unquestionable requirement for all music (and digital recording) lovers, particularly the individuals who need to find incredible music – Spotify’s proposals are only that extraordinary. 

The application has a clean UI. It’s easy to utilize. It matches up the entirety of your information across all stages, so you can flawlessly change from your desktop to your cell phone without thinking twice. 

Download Spotify Music (Free, requires paid membership) 

#3. Netflix:

If you’re hoping to stream videos, and not music, on your gadget at that point, you’d be happy to hear that Netflix is likewise accessible on the Microsoft Store. Since you know this fact, there’s no requirement for you to watch Netflix on the web and consider how the Netflix application permits you to download recordings for offline viewing.


We know we are not returning to watching Netflix on our browser once more. All the more in this way, when it supports 4K playback. The Netflix application is an unquestionable requirement for anybody with a Windows 10 device and a Netflix membership. 

Download Netflix (Free, requires paid membership) 

#4. Duolingo:

One of the most noteworthy rated language learning apps –Duolingo – is additionally accessible on the Microsoft Store, permitting you to get another language from the solace of your home. The app includes various languages, including generally used ones like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and so on, and it gamifies the adapting course to help you get dialects rapidly.


Duolingo gets each course right from the nuts and bolts; however, in case you’re simply searching for an update on a language you know, at that point, you can even handle more significant level seminars on the actual application. 

Download Duolingo (Free) 

#5. WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education:

This ap is an extraordinary application for youngsters to help them get the nuts and bolts of coding utilizing LEGO blocks. The application has a basic UI that makes it simple for youngsters to get it all alone. It can likewise be utilized as an instrument by educators to instruct their students on simple programming abilities.

WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education

Not just that, The WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education application can likewise be utilized to show understudies critical science and design practices, including problem-settling, demonstrating, prototyping, examining, investigating, and deciphering information. WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education is an unquestionable requirement for anybody with small children who wish to train them in coding in a straightforward and lively way. 

Download WeDo 2.0 LEGO Education (Free) 

#6. TED:

TED is another great instructive app that you can introduce on Windows and stay up with the latest TED Talk recordings and sound. The application has a minimal client interface. It arranges the entirety of its recordings in curated records, making it simple for you to observe all the most recent and famous TED Talks.


The app features more than 1700 TED Talks on a wide range of points, and it continues to add more, so you’ll never run out of cool instructive recordings to watch. Download the TED application on your framework, and I’m certain you’ll have the option to take in a ton from the stage. 

Download TED (Free)  

#7. Adobe Photoshop Elements:

On the off chance that you’re searching for a great image altering application for Windows, you should think about buying Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can utilize the application for anything from altering pictures to making your images and gratitude to its relatively simple UI; the application is extraordinary for newbies.

Adobe Photoshop Elements


Truly, it doesn’t offer all the highlights you’d find in the full-fledged work area version of Photoshop. Yet, it’s quite incredible for a beginning, and it’ll truly prove to be useful for Windows 10 clients who don’t have a device fast enough to run the application’s desktop adaptation. 

pDownload Adobe Photoshop Elements ($99.99, offers a free preliminary) 

#8. Autodesk SketchBook:

Autodesk SketchBook is another incredible application for inventive experts and artisans. It offers a broad arrangement of devices to assist clients with making works of art on their PC. The app comes with complete touch input.

Autodesk SketchBook

It’s extraordinary for clients with contact screen gadgets. It also includes provision for the Microsoft Surface Dial, making it an incredible application to have a Surface Studio. 

Download Autodesk SketchBook (Free, offers in-application buys) 

#9. Paint.NET:

In case you’re searching for a basic yet functional drawing and picture editing software that is outfitted at easygoing clients, at that point, you should look at Paint.NET. Try not to allow the application’s name to trick you; it’s nothing similar to Paint or Paint 3D on Windows.


It offers a lot more extensive choice of tools and highlights that you can use to alter or make shocking undertakings. Also, the application has functioned on the web local area, which gives valuable modules that go far in improving client experience. 

Download Paint.NET ($6.99) 

#10. TaskbarX:

After the declaration of Windows 10X, individuals are truly amped up for the new UI with a focused taskbar. A creator named Chris Andriessen has welcomed a similar element on Windows 10, and it’s called TaskbarX. It permits you to move your applications in the taskbar to the middle, and trust me, and it looks truly cool.


TaskbarX additionally offers many progress impacts and activities while exchanging between applications. What’s more, you can make the taskbar straightforward, obscure it, change murkiness, and substantially more. We would say, TaskbarX is outstanding amongst other applications for Windows 10 in the personalization section. You can learn how to fixate Taskbar symbols on Windows 10 from our connected guide. 

Download TaskbarX (Free) 

Purchase from Microsoft Store ($1.09) 

#11. Documents UWP:

If you love UWP planned applications, at that point, Files UWP is among the must-have applications for Windows 10. It’s a document pioneer much the same as the default Windows Explorer but built utilizing Fluent plan guidelines. The application looks pretty cool, and you can do a lot of valuable things.

Documents UWP

For instance, you can stick envelopes in the left sheet, sort records and organizers dependent on different metrics, enable dull mode, and then some. Basically, on the off chance that you are searching for a cutting edge looking document pilgrim for Windows 10, at that point, Files UWP is your smartest option. Remember, the application is as yet in beta, so there may be a few eccentricities. 

Download Files UWP (Free) 

#12. Seer Pro:

On the off chance that you’ve ever utilized a macOS gadget previously, you’d be comfortable with the platform’s quick look tool, which permits you to see record substance without opening the document. Seer Pro brings that same macOS highlight to Windows.

Seer Pro

With Seer Pro, you can rapidly review records by squeezing the spacebar. The app comes with help for a few document organizations, and it permits you to duplicate video edges, pictures, or text directly from the review. Seer Pro is a helpful application that will improve the manner you connect with documents on your PC or PC. 

Download Seer Pro ($7.49)

#13. Dropbox:

Well known record facilitating administration Dropbox needs no presentation except for on the off chance that you’ve been living under a stone, Dropbox is a cloud-stockpiling service that additionally bends over as a cutting edge workspace, permitting you to stay associated with your team and access every one of your documents safely in one spot.


Regardless of whether you need to impart enormous records to your group or let loose some space on your gadget, the Dropbox application has a variety of various applications, and it’s certainly worth downloading for anybody with a Windows 10 gadget. All things considered, if Dropbox isn’t some tea, you can look at some great Dropbox alternatives as well. 

Download Dropbox (Free, Premium arrangement begins at $9.99 each month) 

#14. OneNote:

While OneNote is by and large clubbed with Microsoft Office applications, yet we should make reference to it independently because it has become a powerful note-taking app on Windows 10 and has cut a space for itself. You can write down your notes, thoughts on a whiteboard with help for different pens, pictures, screen clippings, sound critiques, and the sky’s the limit from there.


Also, presently with additional enhancements, it supports multi-client collaboration too. To summarize, if you need a note-taking application like Evernote and OneNote is the best programming for Windows 10 in this class. 

Download OneNote (Free) 

#15. iA Writer:

iA Writer is outstanding amongst other composing applications for PC that you can discover on the lookout. It has a liquid and clean interface, which causes you to stay away from interruptions and spotlight more on the thinking of itself. You can utilize the syntax (Markdown) to organize your content. You can likewise make sheets and search between the sheets utilizing catchphrases.

iA Writer

One of the cool highlights of iA Writer is that only the current line is highlighted while the remainder of the content is turned grey out when you are writing. This causes you to centre more around the thing you are composing. Aside from that, it also has a dull topic to go with it. The composing climate is spectacular, and the application is extremely light and never slacks. 

Download iA Writer (Free preliminary for 14 days, $29.90) 

Best Windows 10 apps (Social Apps) 

#16. WhatsApp Desktop:

Try not to rely on an internet browser to utilize WhatsApp on Windows 10? At that point, download the WhatsApp Desktop application on your gadget. With the application, you’ll be able to sync all your chats to your PC or PC so you can visit your loved ones directly from your desktop.

WhatsApp Desktop

The application particularly comes in handy in the working environment, when you would prefer not to be seen utilizing your telephone all that regularly. You can believe us. 

Download WhatsApp Desktop (Free) 

#17. Instagram:

Even though the web variant of Facebook’s picture sharing stage Instagram is genuinely respectable, it does not have several essential highlights, including the absence of informed support. So on the off chance that you’ve been searching for the complete Instagram experience on your Windows framework, you ought to download the Instagram application from the Microsoft Store.


The application, dissimilar to the platform’s web form, includes practically all the highlights, including DM and the capacity to transfer media. You can learn how to utilize Instagram for PC with no limitation from our guide. 

Download Instagram (Free) 

#18. Zoom:

Since the pandemic began, video conferencing has become a fundamental instrument in our everyday lives. Zoom is one of the fantastic video conferencing devices with a huge number of features and brings a local application for Windows 10. Zoom permits you to have video conferencing of up to 100 members; however, the calls are covered at 40 minutes.


If you need to have limitless approaches to Zoom, at that point, you can have 2 members or buy into its top-notch plan. There were some starting security issues regarding zoom-besieging and encryption. However, many of them have been tended to, and now you can utilize them dependably. 

While Skype is a go-to application for video approaches on Windows, we suggest Zoom on the grounds of stable call quality, even on slower web speed. If Zoom doesn’t cut it for you, at that point, you can investigate some of the best Zoom choices. 

Download Zoom (Free, Premium arrangement begins at $149.9 each year) 

Best Windows 10 Apps (Utility Apps) 

#19. Your Phone:

If there’s one application on Microsoft Store that we can’t live without, it must be the “Your Phone” application. This is a free application to its kin application on Android, which lets you seamlessly associate your Android device to your PC remotely.

your Phone

When you set it up, you can browse your telephone’s photograph display, get messages and call notices, answer messages straight from your PC, and even get calls. That is to say, how cool is that? As a client of both Android and iPhone, we painfully miss Apple’s solid biological system that allows the iPhone to address Mac when utilizing Android. 

Notwithstanding, presently, the “Your Phone” application has moderated the greater part of my protests. If you own an Android cell phone and Windows PC, you ought to introduce this application at present. 

Download Your Phone (Free) 

#20. IrfanView:

IrfanView is one of the best applications for survey photos on Windows 10. You will cherish this application, particularly if you are coming from the default Windows 10 Photos application.


Not at all like the Windows Photo Viewer; it’s brilliant and loads pictures quickly. The distinction in execution is day and night, given that IrfanView is a beautiful, lightweight app. It has an impression of only 3 MB, so there’s no bloatware implanted in the application. 

Besides the exhibition, it upholds innumerable media formats, has a nice picture supervisor, can change over media records, clump alter pictures, and much more. You can likewise zoom pictures and change to various pictures with the parchment bar. Fundamentally, the functionalities are very much like the prior Windows Photo Viewer, and you will get every one of those advantages with IrfanView. 

So if you need to bid farewell to the laggy wreck that is the Windows 10 Photos application, IrfanView has you covered. Besides that, if you need more decisions, you can check our article on the best Windows photograph watchers for Windows 10. 

Download IrfanView (Free)

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