YouTube Comments Not Loading

YouTube Comments Not Loading? Step by step Guide

YouTube Comments Not Loading:

In case you’re on the web, regardless of whether it’s for work or whatever else, odds you have a tab with YouTube open practically always. The help is everybody’s go-to for review and sharing recordings, and all things considered. Notwithstanding, there are times when YouTube may give you inconvenience too. As of late, we saw that we couldn’t see YouTube remarks on my program. That is irritating, and in case you’re in almost the same situation as we are, and YouTube remarks are not stacking for you, well here’s the fix. 

The most effective method to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading 

As we said, this is an issue that manifests haphazardly, and when it does, it’s incredibly irritating to manage. Also, since there’s no single explanation for this issue, there is anything but a one-size-fits-all answer for it all things considered. 

Luckily, there are many things you can attempt to take care of YouTube issues, also every one of them in this article we will talk about. We will orchestrate the arrangements from least demanding to most tedious, so we’d suggest you track. Notwithstanding, on the other hand, that you need, you can utilize the list of content to skirt to any technique that you think may work. 

Let go with the solution of  YouTube Comments Not Loading

#1. Sign In:

YouTube Comments Not Loading

The main thing you should check if YouTube Comments Not Loading for you is if you’re endorsed on YouTube. Various individuals have revealed that comments on YouTube possibly load for them when they sign in with their Google account. 

In case you’re not signed in, you will see a Sign In button on the upper right as demonstrated in the screen capture underneath. Just sign in with your Google account, and ideally, YouTube comments will begin loading now. 

#2. Reload YouTube:

On the off chance that signing in didn’t work, or in case you’re now signed in, the essential activity is reloading the site. 

A lot of times, random connection or storing issues can cause issues with sites. On the off chance that something to that effect explains that YouTube remarks are not stacking for you, reloading should fix it. 

#3. Take a shot at Viewing a Different Video:

YouTube allows makers to debilitate remarks on their recordings. There’s a likelihood that YouTube comments aren’t loading because the uploader has disabled them. 

Have a go at survey an alternate video and check whether you can see comments there. Assuming this is the case, at that moment there’s nothing amiss with YouTube or your program, and it’s most probable the video settings picked by the uploader. 

#4. You have to sort comment from Top Comments to Newest First:

On the off chance that the remarks segment is appearing for you, you see a rotating circle rather than the remarks, this is a technique that many clients have announced success with. Just change the comment sorting method from Top Comments to Newest First (or the other way around). 

sort comment from Top Comments to Newest First

This adequately refreshes the video’s remarks segment and should begin loading remarks on the YouTube video appropriately. 

#5. Open YouTube in Incognito:


If none of the strategies above worked, it’s an ideal opportunity to check whether there’s a significant issue with the store, treats, or augmentations on your program. To prevent this, have a go at utilizing YouTube in disguise mode and check whether remarks are loading up incognito.

Open YouTube in Incognito


Incognito in Browsers 

In case you’re utilizing Google Chrome, you can open an Incognito window by tapping on the three-spot menu symbol and picking ‘New Incognito Window’. Or on the other hand, you can appropriate the console alternate way ctrl + shift + n. 

In case you’re utilizing Microsoft Edge, you can open an InPrivate window by tapping on the three speck menu symbol and picking ‘New InPrivate Window’. You can likewise basically utilize the alternate way ctrl + shift + n. 

In the Incognito window, open YouTube and play a video. Check if remarks are loading. 

Incognito in YouTube App 

In case you’re utilizing the YouTube application on your Android or iOS gadget, here’s the way to change to incognito mode. 

Tap on your Google account picture on the upper right, and afterwards tap on ‘Turn on Incognito’. 

Presently load up a video and check whether you can see remarks on YouTube. 

On the off chance that utilizing Incognito mode has fixed the issue with YouTube Comments Not Loading, there’s some problem with your program. Peruse on to perceive what steps you should take to attempt to determine this. 

#6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:

First up, you should clear the cache on your browser. Cached information can now, and then reason issues like the remarks mistake you’re confronting at this moment. 

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Note:  when clear cookies, you will sign out most of the websites. 

In case you’re utilizing Google Chrome, here’s the way you can clear the cache. 

Go to Chrome

Then settings and search for ‘cache’. 

Press to the alternative that says ‘Clear browsing data’. 

Select the time range as ‘All time’ and click on ‘Clear data’. 

Clear Chrome’s Data:

The gathering of perusing information (reserved pictures and records, treats, perusing history, and so on) on your PC’s nearby loading some of the time prompts steady anomalies while riding the internet. Clearing Chrome’s perusing data can help fix issues forestalling YouTube remarks from stacking. 

#1: Tap the three-specked menu symbol at the program’s upper right corner (close to the location bar) and select Settings. 

On the other hand, type chrome://settings into the location bar and hit Enter/Return on your console. 

#2: Scroll to the ‘Protection and security’ segment and select ‘Clear perusing information.’ 

# 3: Click the Time range drop-down fasten and pick on the off chance that you need to clear the program’s information throughout the previous 24 hours, seven days, a month, or All-Time. 

We suggest clearing information made by the program in the previous 24 hours. If you actually can’t see YouTube remarks, rehash step #1 to #3, and select other time ranges. 

#4: Check all the perusing information choices and tap the Clear information button. 

Reload the YouTube video and check if the remarks are stacking up. 

#7. Reset Chrome:

By resetting Chrome, you’re re-establishing the program’s settings to its plant default. This is a compelling investigating answer for a few glitches influencing the program’s functionalities and specific sites’ exhibition. On the other hand, you can’t get to YouTube remarks in the wake of clearing perusing information and follow the means underneath to reset Google Chrome settings. 

Reset Chrome

#1: Scroll to the lower part of the settings menu and tap the Advanced drop-down catch. 

#2: Next, click ‘Re-establish settings to their unique defaults.’ 

#3: Tap Reset settings on the brief to continue. 

In case you’re utilizing Microsoft Edge, here’s the way you can clear reserve and treats. 

Go to edge://settings and quest for ‘cache’. 

Click on ‘select what to clear’. 

Select a time range as ‘all time’ and click on ‘clear data’. 

Since you have cleared the store and cookies on your program, open YouTube and check whether the YouTube remarks are stacking or not. Ideally, this has fixed the error. If not, read on. 

#8. Check Extensions:

The subsequent stage is to guarantee that there aren’t any extensions causing YouTube issues. 

Check Extensions

To check this, we will disable extensions individually and check whether YouTube remarks start appearing. Here’s how to disable augmentations. 

In Google Chrome 

Go to chrome://expansions. Turn off the switch for a Chrome extension. 

Reload YouTube and check whether remarks are appearing. 

Repeat the cycle by impairing expansions individually. 

In Microsoft Edge 

Go to edge://extensions. Turn off the switch for an extension. 

Reload YouTube and check whether remarks are appearing. 

Repeat the interaction by incapacitating expansions individually. 

On the off chance that disabling an expansion fixes YouTube for you, at that point, you can be sure that the extension was causing mistakes with YouTube. You should eliminate the growth of your program, or if nothing else impair it. 

#9. Clear App Cache and Data (Android/iOS):

On the off chance that the in incognito mode on the YouTube application fixed the YouTube remarks not loading issue, clearing the application store and information ought to tackle the problem for you. Here’s how to do this on Android and iPhone.

Clear App Cache and Data

Clear App Cache and Data on Android:

Long press on the YouTube application and tap on ‘Application Info’ or the ‘I’ symbol. 

Tap on ‘storage’ and afterwards on ‘Clear Storage’. 

Presently open the YouTube application and check whether this tackled the issue. 

Clear App Cache and Data on iPhone: 

The best way to clear application reserve and information on an iPhone is by erasing the YouTube application and reinstalling it from the App Store. 

Since you’ve cleared the application store and information for the YouTube application, check and check whether YouTube remarks are stacking for you now. 

#10. Cripple Ad Blockers:

ad blocker

If you’re utilizing promotion blockers, they can sometimes meddle with sites like YouTube. In case you’re confronting YouTube remarks not stacking blunders on your program, take a stab at crippling your promotion blocker, or debilitating the advertisement blocker on YouTube. Ideally, that will fix the issues. 

#11. Disable Proxy Settings and VPNs:

While it’s not valid in every case, using VPNs can sometimes cause YouTube to get into mischief. In case you’re utilizing a VPN, or directing your web through an intermediary, this may be the explanation that YouTube remarks are not stacking for you. This is what you can do. 

Disable Proxy on Windows 10: 

Quest for ‘proxy’ in the beginning menu and open ‘proxy settings’. 

Turn off the switch close to ‘Automatically detect settings’. 

YouTube Comments Not Loading

Disable Proxy on Mac:

YouTube Comments Not Loading

Go to System Preferences – > Network. 

Select your WiFi organization and snap to ‘Advanced’. 

You have to go ‘Proxies’ in the top bar and uncheck all the checkboxes. 

Click on ‘Ok’ to save the settings. 

Reload YouTube and check if the remarks not loading mistake has been fixed at this point. If not, proceed onward to the subsequent stages. 

#12. Flush DNS Cache

Something else you can have a go at doing is flushing the DNS store. There’s very little proof that this tackles anything about YouTube remarks not stacking, yet it is anything but a poorly conceived notion to attempt it in any case. 

We have helpful aides on How to Flush or Clear DNS Cache in Windows 10, just as aides for flushing DNS store in macOS and Linux that you can look at. 

#13. Reset Your Browser 

Finally, if nothing has fixed the issue, you can take a stab at resetting your program back to defaults. 

YouTube Comments Not Loading

Google Chrome to be Reset 

Go to Chrome you have to go for settings and search for ‘reset’. 

Click on ‘Restore settings to the first defaults’. 

Go to Setting and Press to ‘Reset settings’. 

Microsoft Edge also Reset  

 Go to edge

Then settings and search for ‘reset’. 

Click on ‘Restore settings to their default esteems.’ 

Click on ‘Reset’. 

Presently, have a go at marking in on YouTube and watching recordings. Ideally, this (somewhat outrageous) venture has fixed the YouTube remarks not stacking mistake for you. 

Tackle YouTube Comments Not Loading Errors 

Those were 12 unique techniques you can attempt to fix YouTube remarks not stacking blunder on your internet browser or cell phone. Ideally, you had the option to utilize these techniques to settle your YouTube issue. 

If not, there’s not a great deal else you can do other than trusting that YouTube will fix whatever the issue might be on the backend. Anyway, which strategy worked for you? Tell us in the remarks. We likewise suggest that you look at our article on how to quit squandering energy on YouTube if you think the site is devouring a lot of your time.

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