BIOS Not Detecting SSd

BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer? Here’s how to fix it

BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer? Here’s how to fix it

If your SSD does not appear when the BIOS setup screen, do not worry. There are fixes on you for your computer that will fix the BIOS detection problem.

Reasons why your BIOS could not detect your SSD can be due to SATA driver problem or BIOS configuration issues. if your BIOS does not recognize your SSD, you can fix it.

Here are some solutions you can try. You don’t have to try everything; Go through the list until everything works again.

#1: Fix the hardware

Firstly, you have to check your hardware is there any problem with your hardware or not sometimes faulty hardware also creates this BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer issue. Hardware failure prevents your SSD BIOS from being detected. So, you need to check your SSD hardware and associated ports and make sure they are working properly. Additionally, you can switch to another SSD port and see if the BIOS can detect it. If the hardware works well and it’s not detected, don’t worry. Proceed to the next solution.

#2: Configure the SSD settings in the BIOS

In your BIOS settings, it is likely that SATA controller mode is not set correctly, which result in BIOS not recognizing your SSD, it means you are getting BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer.  You can configure the SATA controller settings in the BIOS.

Here we take Lenovo laptops as an example as the steps to configure the BIOS are different for different brands.

  1. First Restart your computer when your System ok and apears first screen then press the F2 key.
  2. After Pressing F2 Key click on the Enter button for start the configuration.
  3. Now you need to Select the Serial ATA and press Enter.
  4. You will then get the SATA controller mode option. Now you have to Select the IDE compatibility mode.BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer
  5. Before Restarting Your Computer: Save your changes to enter the BIOS and restart your computer.

Here Now you can check BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer problem will be solved:

The BIOS should now be able detect your SSD.

Solution 3: Update your Drivers

Our computer often has outdated drivers who have not updated time to time or some drivers from our system missing. Therefore, we are getting such issue BIOS Not Detecting SSD in Computer; Especially it happens with SSD driver and the motherboard driver.

Here are the steps by following these steps you can update the drivers

  1. On the start menu, type Device manager and Click on the Option with the same name.
  2. In the list of devices, expand the network Adapters section.
  3. Right Click on network adapter your computer is using to access the internet and then select Uninstall device.
  4. It will ask for confirmation, Click on Uninstall.
  5. After that, restart the computer.
  6. Go to device manager again, locate your network adapter.
  7. Right click on it and select update drivers.
  8. Click on “Search Automatically for drivers
  9. The process will take time to finish
  10. After finishing, the system may ask to restart the computer. If it doesn’t, check if the issue is resolved.

We hope that your BIOS not detecting SSD issue has been resolved. If you have any question regarding this or any opinions and suggestions just Feel free to tell us about it.


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