Fix Google Play Store Stuck at Wait­ing for Down­load Issue

Top Are Ways to Fix Google Play Store Stuck at Wait­ing for Down­load Issue


Fix Google Play Store Stuck at Wait­ing for Down­load Issue 

At the point when you need to install any app on your Android phone, Google Play Store is your to-go spot. What’s more, it properly ought to be, on the grounds that it is the commercial centre for all the applications. Unfortunately, now and again, it neglects to update the ones on your phone. It tosses the sitting tight for download error and sticks out on it. Here in this post, we are going to see how you can fix Google Play Store stuck at waiting for download issues

You may get this error as a download pending or unable to download from Play Store as well. All the answers referenced down below will work for these issues as well. 

We should perceive how to fix Google Play Store issues, for example, waiting for download on Android phones. (Google Play Store Stuck at Wait­ing for Down­load)

1. Restart Phone: 

turn on off your phone

You should take a hit at restarting your Android phone or tablet. Now and then, this little step shows superb outcomes without going to any other setting. 

2. Check Internet Connectivity:

Check Internet Connectivity

Is the data network working correctly on your phone? Open any site on your device to check if the network is fast. Perhaps your data connection or Wi-Fi isn’t working, and that is the explanation for sitting tight for download mistakes on the Play Store. In case you are endeavouring to download applications or updates, check our detailed manual for fixing Google Play Store issues with mobile data.

3. Check Available Storage:

phone storage

Do you have adequate space on your gadget to download or refresh the required application? To watch that, go to phone Settings > Storage. You will get the point by point outline of the accessible storage. If your phone memory runs out of storage, start by eliminating redundant applications and information to free up space from your telephone. 

You ought to likewise investigate the accessible storage on your SD card if you utilize one. If the issue continues, please remove it from your phone and afterwards have a go at downloading the applications. 

4. Check Date And Time Of Your Phone: 

Check Date And Time Of Your Phone

Some of the time, because of the wrong date and time on your phone, Google Play Store stops downloading applications, and that is the purpose behind hanging tight for download mistakes. To fix it, you need to address the date and time on your phone. 

For that, follow these means: 

Stage 1: Open phone Settings and go to System. Open phone Settings and go to System.
Step 2: Tap on Date and time. At that point, enable the switch close to Automatic date and time. On the off chance that it’s now allowed, please turn it off and afterwards help once more.
date and time date and time
Step 3: Restart the phone and afterwards attempt to download the applications from Play Store. 

5. Check App Download Preference:

Play Store accompanies a local setting that allows you to choose the network to download your applications. You can either pick Wi-Fi just, any network, or ask without fail. This setting could likewise be the explanation for download forthcoming or sitting tight for download difficulties. 

To resolve it, open the Play Store and tap on the three-bar symbol at the top. Tap on Settings. 

Tap on App download preference. Select Over any network. 

6. Disable Auto Updates:

On occasion, the downloads of the new applications are stuck because of the moderate snail auto-reports on the Play Store. To fix it, you need to kill auto-updates. 

For that, open the Play Store and take a shot at downloading or refreshing an application. At that point, tap on the three-dot symbol at the upper right corner and uncheck the box close to Enable auto-update. Disabling it would fix the Play Store holding back the download error. 

You can likewise disable auto-update by going to Play Store Settings. At that point, tap on Auto-update applications and select Don’t auto-update applications. 

7. Check Parental Control Settings:

Check whether you enabled Parental controls on the Google Play Store? To investigate them. They may be interfering with your downloads. For that, go to Play Store Settings. Tap on Parental controls. Either keep Parental controls off or modify it unexpectedly. 

8. Clear Play Store Cache And Data:

Clear store and data are two separate things. Start by clearing the Play Store cache on the off chance that doesn’t fix the issue, at that point clear information for it. Clearing cache or data won’t erase your introduced applications or some other data from your phone. Nonetheless, clearing information will log you out from the Play Store. 

Here are the means: 

Step 1: Now you have to Open phone Settings and go to Apps and notifications or Installed applications or Application Manager. 
Stage 2: Look for Google Play store under All Apps. 
Step 3: Tap on Storage. At that point, tap on Clear cache. Restart your phone. 

9. Grant Necessary Permissions:

Google Play Store application and Play Services require individual authorizations to work appropriately. Ensure they have all the necessary permissions like stockpiling and others. 

To check and give permissions:

  1. Go to telephone Settings > Apps and notifications.
  2. Under All applications, tap on Google Play Store, trailed by App Permissions.
  3. At that point, permit Storage permission. 

10. Update Android System Webview:

You should likewise check if an update is accessible for the pre-introduced application System WebView. For that, open the Play Store and quest for Android System WebView. You can straightforwardly open the Android System WebView in Google Play Store for the web. Tap on Update (if accessible). 

11. Disable VPN:

Do you use a Virtual private network on your phone? Have a go at handicapping it for some time. At that point, download or update the applications from the Play Store. Ideally, the sitting tight for download error will be no more. It occurs considering how, once in a while, there is an issue in the VPN application.

12. Reset App Preferences:

Android phones accompany various settings that can influence the downloads on Play Store, for example, background data, data usage cutoff points, and the sky’s the limit from there. Rather than fixing them individually, you can reset application preferences to reestablish all the settings to their default esteems. Doing that will fix the issue. 

In case you are disturbed about taking the step, find out in detail what occurs by resetting application inclinations. At that point, follow these means: 

Stage 1: Open phone Settings and go to Apps and warnings/Application Manager. 
Step 2: Open All applications and tap on the three-speck icon at the top. Select Reset application preference. Affirm on the following screen. 

13. Uninstall Play Store Updates:

Google Play Store application and Play Services update naturally out of sight. On occasion, they don’t refresh true to form, and that is why you get the mistakes like download pending or hanging tight for download. 

To fix it, you have to uninstall Play Store and Services refreshes. For that, go to telephone Settings > Apps and notifications > Google Play Store. Tap on the three-dab symbol at the top and select Uninstall refreshes. Do likewise for Play Services. 

Doing that will eliminate the new updates. It won’t uninstall the Play Store from your telephone. Wait for 5 minutes, and it will allow Play Store and Services to refresh again out of sight. At that point, take a shot at installing the applications. 

14. Install Play Store Manually:

Some of the time, even after reinstalling Play Store, as demonstrated over, the issue proceeds. The explanation could be that the current form of the Play Store is buggy. You need to install it physically by returning to the past or another variant. Check our guide on how to refresh the Play Store.  

15. Turn Off Bluetooth:

Numerous clients, particularly Samsung telephone owners, have suggested that killing Bluetooth on their telephones has fixed the issue for them. It will help if you had a go at doing that as well. It very well may be a brief issue. 

Conclusion: At last, if nothing works, you need to eliminate the Google account from your phone. Doing that will erase all the adjusted information on your telephone. Please become familiar with the means and realize what occurs by eliminating Google account on our point by point control.

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